DIGI Christmas 2020

Wind Chaser - I created a stop motion sequence for this lovely ad!

#Play Your Part 

A series of humorous guides for all the post Covid_19 shoot days ahead.


A short film that I created and animated at UWE Bristol


A lovely mixed up mixture of my work!

Animation and Model making.

Edith Piaf - Sparks

An amazingly cinematic music video directed by Joseph Wallace. I animated some of this piece as well as creating many models and sets.

Talking Fruits 

Some huge plasticine aubergine and peach puppets made for A+C Studios.

Behind the Scenes 

A look into the wonderful A+C Studios where I created many plasticine fruit puppets for a charity campaign.

A Blob of Nonsense

A little film I made whist waiting for a delivery!

Maquette Sculpting 

It's terribly difficult to sculpt anything if your tools go wandering.

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